Monday, February 5, 2007

The Glorious Glastonbury Meadows

The Glastonbury Meadows are roughly situated between Main Street Glastonbury and the Connecticut River. It is basically a series of adjoining fields creating one huge field (by Connecticut standards) with various areas of woodland edge. Looking on at the:
Glastonbury Meadows Topo-Map, you can see how the fields follow a deep bend along the Connecticut River. This area was shown to me by two fellow birders during the Christmas count of 2005. I have only been there twice since then. In four visits I have seen Peregrine Falcon, Merlin, Harrier Hawks, Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawk, White-crowned Sparrows, and Horned Lark just to name a few. I've seen reports there of Marsh Wren, Lincoln Sparrow, Solitary Sandpiper, and Mourning Warbler. It also borders a stretch of river that seems to be good for seeing a variety of ducks. It seems obvious that this area has great potential. I should mention, birding the area requires a lot of walking.

There is a catch to the Glastonbury Meadows. Most of the land is privately owned and is leased for use by a game club for hunting. Some of the hunters you run in to are friendly , others try to make you feel unwelcome. Just makes it all the more intriguing as a birding locale. From talking to the many people who walk there, it's okay to go there on Sundays as long as the dog trials aren't going on. It's also o.k. outside of hunting season.

The town owns two strips of the land but it is not marked. You can legally access the field by way of a trail behind the Glastonbury Audubon. A much easier way is to park in the empty lot across from the Police station on main street. You can then follow the bank down past the fences to the river . Follow the river to the left, and it will bring you to the fields.

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