Thursday, November 3, 2011

All Tricks No Treat From Mother Nature

 Last weekend Connecticut was hit with a major noreaster that dumped over a foot of heavy, wet snow in many towns. If this storm was in December it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but this is October! Most  of the trees still hadn't dropped their leaves so snow quickly accumulated on the branches. The  loud crackling sound of tree limbs could be heard as they snapped off and fell to the ground.
It didn't take long before most people lost power, including us. Since we were snowed in,  I decided it would be a good time to start feeding the birds again. I counted as many as sixteen Mourning Doves beneath the bird feeders.
This is a pile of branches that snapped off from one of our trees during the storm.
The morning after the storm I took a walk around the neighborhood and found this Red-tailed Hawk snacking on some sort of rodent.
    Most of the state has been without power since Saturday afternoon due to downed power lines.
    The storm was on Saturday and I took these photos on Wednesday. There has been record lines at gas stations in the city with some people having to wait 2 hours to get gas. Streets have been obstructed by downed tree limbs and power lines. Every traffic was out and had to be treated as a four way stop sign. Some people didn't understand this and would drive right through without stopping. Laundromats were filled to capacity with people trying to catch up on laundry.

  It's been a difficult week for many residents of Connecticut. About half the state is stil without power with 99% restoration predicted by Sunday. There are some good things that happen during situations like this. Friends,family, and neighbors have to rely on each other for help. People are forced to take a break from television, computers, and cell phones. It makes you appreciate some of the modern conveniences you have while you are forced to adapt to diffiult circumstances. I didn't mind the experience but I'm glad we have our power back! 


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Take care and stay warm, friend.

Andy said...

New England certainly has been hit hard as of late.

Brightcetera said...

Hope you've managed to get things back to normal.
I like snowfall but not like that!

Beautiful photos of the birds.

Jen Sanford said...

Laundry? Really? I think that's the last thing I would worry about... Hope things are all fixed by now!

Chris said...

Wow how harsh! Already getting snow... We have our usual winter storm but no snow yet!

Larry said...

Lynne-thanks-Lots of damage but temps aren't bad.

Andy-Sure has-hope the winter isn't like last winter.

fitcetera-It's been kind of crazy-Some people in Connecticut are going on their second week with now power.

Jen-After a week without a washing machine lots of people are catching up on laundry including places like nursing homes.

Chris-Maybe the upcoming year will bring us more interesting birds.

Kathie Brown said...

We only lost power for about 20 hours but others in my town were without for longer. Then, I was in CT on the 3rd and 4th and saw all the downed trees and limbs as I drove around. I was in Glastonbury for awhile and there were sections of town there where the power was still out. So glad you finally got yours back. I hope you were able to stay warm somehow.

Larry said...

kathie-I can handle the cold.Lights and hot shower were the greatest inconveniences. We were out for about 4 days which is less than half of what many people had to endure.

Ruth said...

Here it is, Nov 27th, and in SW Ontario, Canada, we have yet to have snow on the ground. This is an unusually warm month. I am going to Boston in 2 weeks and I sincerely hope there are no snow storms while I am there!