Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting The Year With A Big January Bird Count

I got out to do my first birding of 2014 this weekend. I got off to a slow start on Saturday. We had wicked cold temperatures the previous two days that froze all the area ponds and the woods that I checked seemed fairly quiet.
I tallied up a few of the easiest species such as Canada Goose but didn't come across anything out of the ordinary.
I participated in one of the bird counts on Saturday and out territory happened to be Hammonasset. I was with a small group and we only covered a small portion of the park. We had a cold, drizzling rain that was freezing on contact and making conditions slippery. It also made viewing difficult because our binocular lenses kept getting wet.

 Finding a Pine Warbler this time of the year was one of the big highlights of the day. We also had Clay-colored Sparrow, Horned Grebes, Snow Buntings and a Peregrine Falcon. I think we tallied about 48 species in our little section. 
On the way home I came across some ducks in the Brownstone Quarry. At the time I only noticed Hooded Mergansers and Mallards but snapped a quick photo. When I came home I noticed that I had missed seeing the Ring-necked Ducks that had been mixed in with the others.

If there wasn't a bird count to go to I might have just stayed home and watched football on Sunday. It turned out to be worth while despite the somewhat dismal weather.


Michelle said...

Your bird count sounds like an interesting day. I have not participated in something like that before.

Chris said...

looks cold like here ;-) Did not start anything yet, it is too cold for me ;-)

Kathie Brown said...

Larry, though I am in the midst of a Big Move I have decided to do a Big January after all. I am currently at 87 species. How is it going for you? My friend, Chris Rohrer is also doing one, but he is far ahead of me in species.

I am sorry about the cold and dismal weather but it looks like you made the best of it. the Pine Warbler was a nice find! Would you believe that Canada goose is a rare fine here in Tucson? And did you hear that I am moving to Maine?

Larry said...

Kathie-I haven't been able to get out much due to weather.I'm probably at about 65 or 70. Hopefully the snow will hold off this Saturday.