Sunday, August 13, 2017

Easy Birding Along Your Daily Driving Route

 Sometimes it's a struggle trying to find the perfect spot to find birds. The funny thing about it is that birds are everywhere we go. The tiny nature park above is right along my daily driving route. It is called Middletown nature gardens and is loaded with natural food for young summer birds.
This one looks like a young Indigo Bunting
On the same tree was a young House Wren.
As I drove back through town I passed by an old industrial pond that used to sit beside Wilcox Crittenden, a well known factory in it's day. I remember hearing the pounding of the machines from miles away. It provided jobs for a lot of people though.
The remains of the factory have been converted to apartments. This morning I spotted a Great Blue Heron there.

Sometimes the best birding are the places that are the ones that are most available.


Michelle said...

Nice to see that Heron. I always like spotting them around here.

Nadezda said...

What a nice bird House Wren when it's a kid, Larry.
You've been to the place you remember from years, it's interesting to learn how it was changed.