Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Frenzy From Turkeys To Waterthrush

 This time of the year gets crazy for birders. You feel like you want to be out every chance you can get looking for birds because they are suddenly everywhere you look. From Tom turkeys displaying their fans...
 to Snowy Egrets showing off their yellow feet. There is so much to see it is overwhelming.
We wanted to move on from the fairgrounds to search the forest for new arriving warblers but we can't ignore a female bluebird that seem to be posing for us.
Then a male bluebird shows up and you just can't resist stopping to admire his brilliant blue and orange plumage.
 We finally made it out to the forest where a Louisiana Waterthrush sang his song from a branch above us.

The fun and frenzy of Spring migration has just begun!

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