Monday, December 24, 2018

Urban Birding Birds

 I usually think about fields and woodland out in the country as my ideal birding spots. I tend to dismiss places that are in an urban setting.

 There is one area that I've driven by numerous times that  caught my eye. It is a trail that follows a river which floods the surrounding woods. It is sandwiched between condominium complexes and the highway.

Today, I decided to park my car in a plaza then I snuck under the highway to pick up the trail.
 Once I started walking the trail I noticed nice pockets of habitat along the way.
 Of course, you would expect to find house sparrows in an urban area as well as common woodland birds like titmice,chickadees, woodpeckers, and wrens.
 There were plenty of noisy Blue Jays patrolling the area. This particular Blue Jay was doing a first rate impression of a Red-shouldered Hawk.
I have to wonder what the Red-shouldered Hawk thought about the Blue Jay's imitation? 

The walk was a reminder to me that birds don't judge habitat the same way we tend to. While we might complain about how much land is being developed,  birds are just interested in finding  food and shelter.

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