Sunday, March 24, 2019

I'm Ready For Some New Birds!

 I've seen enough gulls in the month of March!

 One day this month I counted an amazing 35 Black Vultures in back of a shopping plaza setting up their own bedroom! eBird warned me that this was an unusually high number of Black Vultures to report for this location at this time of the year. Warning! warning! warning Doctor Smith!
I can't say I get tired of seeing Bald Eagles. They just about disappeared from Connecticut at one point due to ddt but they are back in full force now!

I am excited to see the new birds starting to show up already. Today I saw my first of year: Eastern Phoebe, Killdeer, Wilson's Snipe, Tree Swallows, Northern Shoveler, and Red-necked Grebe. In another week or 2 the warblers will be arriving, then it's game on!

I was recently introduced to a new website called Optics & Lab. Here is their link to a page for bird blogs entitled: "Best blogs for bird lovers".

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