Sunday, September 20, 2020

Birds Raise Questions Of God And Science


When I'm all by myself birdwatching my thoughts tend to jump from wandering to wondering.When I look at a bird I think of things like God, science, and nature. Like many people I have contemplated the existence of God, the origins of life as it relates to the big bang theory, and the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution was always easy for me to wrap my mind around because it is a theory that makes sense to me to some extent.

Without saying what my religious beliefs are or are not I can say that I've always questioned what is in the bible. What is real?, what is history?, and what parts are just stories meant to explain things or convey and idea?, and the big one-Is there a God? If I used logic alone I would side with science because it does not fit together in an easy to understand format like the theory of evolution.

Then there is the big bang theory that says life was created from particles gathering together and eventually forming atoms which were building blocks leading to the existence of life. 

The big problem I have with this theory brings me back to birdwatching. When I look at a bird and see that it finds a mate, builds a nest, gathers food, communicates with other, and on and on a really big question comes to my mind. WHY? What is the purpose of living beings going though all they do to survive and procreate? It takes intelligence and motive to do this. It just doesn't add up. These are questions that I'll never have the answers to in my lifetime but it gives me something to think about while I'm out in nature.

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