Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Nice Appetizers Before The Warbler Parade

A month from now there will be warblers all over the place which is great but I kind of like the early spring period leading up to that.

 Now is the time when you get to see a new arrival here and there. I just saw my first Osprey the other day and maybe some Ruddy Ducks. That was it for the weekend for first of the year arrivals for me.

That means you get to savor your new finds and don't get overwhelmed. When spring is in full swing you can barely turn your head without seeing something new. It's a little overwhelming like going to an all you can eat restaurant and then realizing you can only eat so much in one sitting!

So for now, I will enjoy the appetizers that arrive at the table one or two at a time. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable time for birding! 

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Val Ewing said...

That is great! Enjoy spring!