Sunday, July 31, 2022

Kicking Back Watching One Bird At A Time

I've continued to treat summer as a time to take a break from active birding. Instead, I have taken to passive birding in summer months. That means short trips or in this case, a spontaneous stop at Haddam Meadows for a quick look around.
Instead of doing a thorough search of the entire park, I keyed in on what appeared to be a family of Easter Kingbirds. I saw one in the grassy field.
I saw another kingbird perched in a tree surrounded by tangled greenery.
Then there was a couple of them sitting on a wood rail playing a game of stare. I have the attitude of no expectations in the summer so spending 20 minutes following kingbirds around was enough birding for me on this particular morning.
After that, I stopped at a store. I've noticed that Fish Crows, that which look almost the same as regular crows, often hang out in large plaza parking lots. They have a nasally call compared to American Crows and appear a bit smaller. I ignored them all year so I decided why not take a picture of one?

Summer is fine for kicking back and watching one bird at a time!

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Val Ewing said...

We thought we saw an Eastern Kingbird here one day. Of course we never saw it again, but your photo is so similar!

Summer is a hard time to spot birds obviously, but I am casually looking for them.

I had no idea there was more than one kind of crow.