Sunday, April 23, 2023

Bike Path Birds That Won't Be Ignored!

 Riding a bike can be a nice way to change up your birding pace. You can cover a lot of ground quickly and as soon as you see bird activity you can just stop and get off the bike for a while. I think birds are less spooked by a bicyclist than they are by a pedestrian too. You kind of sneak up on them silently and quickly.

 I'm old school when it comes to biking. You're not going to convince me that riding in traffic is safer than riding on a sidewalk. Bicycle versus car-the bike loses every time. I don't mind slowing down to a walking pace where there are potential obstacles. If I see a pedestrian I am more than happy to hop off the bike and walk it until the pedestrian passes. Still, a path specifically designed for biking is better than a sidewalk.This time of year you can come across migrant birds even on a well-manicured city path. The House Wren has a bubbly song that it repeats constantly. Another noisy bird that is here throughout the year is the Northern Mockingbird. They're always busy singing multiple songs or staring you down as they go about conspicuously gathering food.

They are two examples of birds that refuse to be ignored!


Val Ewing said...

I can't wait to have the wren come back and sing to me!
One of my other new favorites is the Cat Bird. I just enjoy them so much.

I agree, I love to bicycle in the summer. I can cover a lot of ground searching for interesting scenes on a back road or along the bike trail at the Reserve I visit often.

I've only seen a Mockingbird once and that was while I was visiting Virginia in 2012. I was very new to bird 'looking' at that time.

That bike path looks great.

Nan said...

I;m quite sure we have mockingbirds here. I never see them, but I do love that long song.
I don't think bikes and cars are a good match.