Wednesday, May 31, 2023

3 Random Birds I Came Across

I saw may birds over the last couple of months during this migration period. Many are brilliantly colored warblers but others are not exactly eye catching. This is a Rough-winged Swallow. They nest in little drain pipes located in a reservoir dam. Some people confuse them with female tree swallows because there are tree swallows in the same area. They have a kind of dingy brownish charcoal markings around the side of their body and head.
The male Yellow Warblers stand out more and are very plentiful in some places during spring and summer. If the sun hits them right they are mostly yellow with a nice reddish-brown streaking on their chest and their beady little black eyes also stand out.
This is a Red-shouldered Hawk that likes to sit itself on the top of an 80 foot tree near my backyard and screech KEYEAR! KEYEAR! KEYEAR! They are noisy but are also interesting to observe as they move from tree to tree and sometimes take to the air circling higher and higher. I like to think they help keep the local rodent population under control too!

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Betty J. Crow said...

My Merlin Bird app has heard the yellow warbler on several occasions, but as hard as I try I haven't been able to actually see one. They sure are beautiful! Nice shots!