Sunday, March 31, 2024

California Condor Landed In My Yard!

How about "Belted Kingfisher landed on a branch?"

Notice the female is the one with extra color in this species with a chestnut-colored belly band and flanks which he male does not have. It's usually the males that are more colorful when it comes to bird species. 

"White-throated Sparrow visits Wadsworth Mansion grounds!"
"Great Egret Arrives from migration trip and is caught standing in the rain!" 

Oh well, sorry my headline didn't live up to expectations but Happy Easter to those who celebrated and since I'm actually posting this on the first of the month: Happy April 1st!


Val Ewing said...

You had me at the Condor !!!
However I love the Kingfisher photo. I have now seen a Kingfisher 3 years in a row in the same area so I was pretty excited. My photos weren't very good but it was fun to see!

A Great Egret! There is another one on my list to view!

Larry said...

Kingfishers are unique birds. usually they take off the minute they know I'm going for my camera!