Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Songbird Lyrics Game

Let's finish this one up! -take note of the blatant clues next to the unanswered ones.
Name the song that the lyrics belong to and/or an artist who performed it. Let us know which ones you knew, even if it has already been answered.
Blue=Unanswered Grey=incomplete Black=already answered
1) I wonder how you're feeling-There's ringing in my ears-And no one to relate to, 'cept the sea.

2)Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom-July is dressed up and playing her tune-

3)I must take a trip to California,-And leave my poor sweetheart alone.

4) Didn't you love the things they stood for? -Didn't they try to find some good in you and me?

5)One look from you and I would fall from grace -And that would wipe this smile right from my face.

6)I know your anger, I know your dreams-I've been everything you wanna be ohhh…

7)I've got my suitcase in my hand-Now, ain't that a shame-I'm leavin' here today-Yes, I'm goin' back home to stay-

8)Before the rising sun we fly,-So many roads to choose-We start our walking and learn to run.

9)Hitchin' on a twilight train-Ain't nothing here that I care to take along-Maybe a song-To sing when I want-

10)So you put on the TV and you're watchin Johnny Carson segway in right into the Tomorrow show -but that don't got the go so you turn it off ya turn on the radio-This one is by the son of a famous old-time folk singer-The song is a long story/song that takes place in Massachusetts-a place where "you can get anything you want."

11)I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime. Reflecting on my past life- and it doesn't have much time.

12)The exodus is here-The happy ones are near-Let's get together-Before we get much older.-This is a rock group that has a question for a name.

13)The highway's jammed- with broken heroes -on a last chance power drive

14)The mountain is high-The valley is low -and you're confused on which way to go-

15) Rain gray town known for its sound-In places small faces unbound-This is by a group that David Crosby was in before he joined C-S+Nash-It is a song of great heights.

16) I do believe in you-And I know you believe in me

17) And I was born in the back seat of a- Greyhound bus-Rolling down highway forty-one

18) Let me travel this la-and -from the mountains to the sea-'Cause that's the life- I believe He meant for me-This is by the most famous male country singer of all time who died at the age of 29-It's title is the same as number 17.
Next Songbird Lyrics Game will be August 22 at 7pm.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

4. Abraham, Martin ans John/ Dion
9. Cracklin' Rosie/ Neil Diamond
14. Free Ride/ Edgar Winter??
17. Ramblin' Man/ Allman Bros.

Larry said...

Jolly Good! - 4-score-4-u!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

3. How Much is That Doggy in the Window/ Patti Page?

7. Walkin' to New Orleans/ Fats Domino

8. We've Only Just Begun/ the Carpenters

RuthieJ said...

2) Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft
13) Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Larry said...

ruthiej-Good going!Lynne-needs the competition!

Patrick B. said...

5 drove me nuts so I looked it up...

6. Cult of Personality - Living Colour (Interesting tidbit - Corey Glover the lead singer is touring as Judas in JC Superstar)

I knew 2, 13, 14, 17

NM High School Sports News said...

#1 is Peter Frampton Show me the Way

#11 Iron Maiden Hallowed be they Name

Darn, I recognize another but can't quite get it.


Larry said...

Good- going Patrick and Ron.-I count on you guys to get the ones that slip past the ladies.-Patrick-you seem to know all the stuff by any New jersey artist too-

NM High School Sports News said...

GOT IT! #5 is Asia Heat of the Moment!


Rainbow dreams said...

no good on song lyrics... but thanks for stopping by my blog and making contact, will be back, Katie

Patrick B. said...

Larry, it's a requirement to live in NJ to know all Bon Jovi and Bruce songs.

Deb said...

Ha! For once I know not one but TWO of the unanswereds! :)

5- "Heat of the Moment", Asia

16- "Feelin' Stronger Every Day", Chicago

Mary said...

Well, Larry. You said "around 7pm" and that darn Lynne was right on the ball! LOL!

I know a few of the answered ones but can't guess on the blue ones. This is fun, though!

Larry said...

Patrick-I kind of figured that.

Deb-I didn't even know you looked at these games-good going!

Mary-I thought you might get the last one which is by a classic country music singer.You guessed a song by him before, and it shares the same title as one of the song titles already answered.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

13 - Bruce Springsteen/Born to Run

14 - Edgar Winter Group/Free Ride

17 - Allman Bros./Traveling Man

dguzman said...

Okay--I knew 1, 5, 8, 14, 17. These blue ones are killing me! I thought that 18 might be If I Had a Hammer--but I don't think that's right. I don't know!

KGMom said...

# 12 Baba O'Riley by the Who (thanks to the hint)

KGMom said...

# 15 Eight Miles High by the Byrds (again the hint helped)

KGMom said...

# 18 Ramblin' Man by Hank Williams (once again, the hint did the trick)

Larry said...

Warren&Lisa-thanks for joining in on the fun!
Dzugman-keep trying!
kgmom-Great-you got two more!
Number 15 is a song of great height,
Number 10 is a song about where "you can get anything you want"