Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back To The Kid-In-The-Field Mentality

 When I was a young boy I didn't know that people who called themselves birders walked around fields specifically looking for birds. Any field meant a treasure hunt for me. I was curious about everything I found whether it be a rusty old farm nail or a dragonfly. It really didn't matter. Everything was fascinating.
 As the years went by, I lost some of that curiosity and excitement. I became more selective about what I was willing to take the time to look at. Now I find myself walking along the predetermined paths looking mostly for birds (Bobolink above). When I as a kid there was no such thing as a path. The only path was between where I was standing and where I wanted to go.
As I wandered around the Frederick White Farm in Durham my memory carried me back to what it was like being a kid out in a field. I was still there looking for bird like I do now..... (Eastern Kingbird above)
 but I also spent time looking at the butterflies (Cabbage White above) and damselflies (Ebony Jewelwing below).  
I can never truly be a kid in a field again but maybe remembering what it was like can add a little spark. 


Michelle said...

I think we all lose a little bit of our spark, as we age. Nothing like having that bright spirit back. Lovely images.

The Furry Gnome said...

Great picture of the Bobolink!

Nadezda said...

It's interesting how one place as this Frederick White Farm in Durham or other one let us to recollect the kid's strolls Larry. Love your shots, the Eastern Kingbird is pretty.

troutbirder said...

I think being a child is curiosity. Still it needs to be nurtured. Which, no doubt, is one of my main reasons for being a teacher. And still curious...:)