Friday, June 30, 2017

3 Favorite Moments 1ST Tablet Post

     I still use a flip phone and have avoided touch screens up until now. My lack of familiarity with this technology has caused me to miss out on a couple of opportunities.
Trying to write this is like trying to thread a needle while wearing mittens.  
I will get right to the point. My 3 favorite sightings from top to bottom are:  Black-Backed Woodpecker from Victory Vermont ,Fork-tailed Flycatcher from Hadlyme ferry, and American White Pelican which flew over my back yard. The end and Amen!


Nadezda said...

Hello, Larry!
I like this one -Fork-tailed Flycatcher. Although I've never seen I like him, is very cute.
Good luck with a flip phone!

troutbirder said...

Well it works but takes getting used to . We had a scissor tailed flycatcher here in southern Minnesota's' Mower county last week. A first ever but I missed it by about 20 minutes. :(