Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Veery Cooperative Butterfly

This turned out to be the week when I couldn't avoid seeing first of the year species if I wanted to, and why would I want to? My list jumped from 100 species seen in my county for the year to 135 within a span of about a week.

 Above is my first veery of the year seen at Miller's Pond. I was the only one at the park. It was my 134th species seen this year in my county. I try to stay local so I won't burn much gas. This bird was Very cooperative. I followed it as it jumped to the ground for bits of food and then back into the base of Mountain Laurel. I followed it for a good 10 minutes for a distance of about 30 feet talking to it along the way- (Yes, I know birds can't understand me but it seemed we had an understanding).

I don't spend too much time chasing butterflies but if they pose then I'll snap a shot. This is one of those tiny blue butterflies. I know that the name of this species has been pointed out to me before but I can't remember it. I'll have to see if I have a butterfly book hanging around.

So the birding action has been superb for me this week! I hope everyone else has been seeing their share of birds as well!


Val Ewing said...

I should know the name of that butterfly, I saw dozens of them last week and my friend told me the name. There was so much to see in the forest that I think I forgot half of what I was searching for!

I've never seen a Veery. That is great!

Crafty Green Poet said...

that's a lovely butterfly, I'm guessing not one we have over in Scotland, though we have several blues here.