Thursday, April 5, 2007

Finding Your Own Birding Spots

Many birders seem to prefer birding in areas where rare or uncommon birds are consistently found. These areas are referred to as birding hot spots.

Some of the more popular hot spots in Connecticut, such as Hammonasset State Park and Milford Point are located along the shoreline. I enjoy going to these places on occasion because I know there's always a possibility that you are going to see something "good."

That is part of the problem for me. You may not take the time to appreciate some of the more common birds when you are expecting to see something uncommon.

I enjoy checking out new locations. You can spend more time taking in the beauty of the area, and will likely be more appreciative of the birds that you do see. Maybe, you can even take some time to note an interesting behavior or make a few notes.

If by chance something out of the ordinary turns up in this new area , you will be that much more excited about it. There's nothing wrong in adding to your lists and finding rarities. There are, however, other things to appreciate outside of a high species count and finding rare birds.

Maybe a new location may surprise you with the sheer number of birds due to an abundant food supply. Perhaps, you may find an area that is particularly attractive to frugivores. There are many other possibilities.

I have about four new places in mind that I am excited to check out this spring. To me, not knowing exactly what I will see there is enough to keep my interest. The Bobolink and Orchard Oriole in the above pictures were two nice surprises for me. I found them both in areas that aren't known for their birding.
Do you like to explore new areas?-or- Do you prefer proven hotspots? Do you plan to explore new areas this year?


Ruth said...

Great pictures! Do you have a Flickr page? I like to save favourites like these. I am spending more time this year on a trail where there is supposed to be a great variety of birds. Within a short distance there is marshland, river, limestone and sand cliffs, pine forest and deciduous bush. A beautiful place to spend time with a new bird sighting being a bonus!

Larry said...

I don't have a flicker page.I'm not even sure what a flicker page is.

LauraHinNJ said...

I love to find a favorite spot and explore it fully.