Monday, April 23, 2007

I stopped by Gotta's farm, one of our local farm stands. These pansies were nice to look at, but I decided to wait for marigolds. They are much easier to care for, and last longer. I did buy a couple of Hollyhock plants to add to the flower garden.

I would normally drive back home this way on 17a (Main Street). It looks like it might still be a little flooded.

Years ago, when I was about 20, I dared to drive my father's pick-up truck through this same flooded portion. I thought the water might have been two feet deep, but soon realized I had miscalculated. Water started to push up over the hood. The truck slowed down to the crawl, and I could hear the exhaust chugging for it's life as it became completely submerged. Water started to seep in to the front of the truck (good thing it was rubber and not carpet). My heart was pumping all the way but I finally made it out the other end. Others have tried the same thing over the years, and some have found themselves stuck. Once was enough for me.


Anonymous said...

I feel soo sorry for anyone who has had to go through a flood!

Larry said...

these floods are an inconvenience, but nobody gets hurt.

Cathy said...

Ya know, water where it's not supposed to be always gives me the willies.

Holly Hocks and Marigolds. Very nice - something for the eyes as well as the nose. I like the smell of bruised Marigold foliage - some people don't.

Betsy True said...

My husband and I were thinking about trying to ford a flooded road. As we stood there debating, a beaver swam by. We decided against it.

Jayne said...

EEK! How scary Larry! No driving through water for me, no sir. Pretty pansies, but will soon be too warm for them here.

Larry said...

-Cathy-I like Marigolds because they last for such a long time.-Bruised Marigolds?-I don't want to beat them-just look at them.

Betsy-Beavers swimming in the roadway is a sure sign that you had better take a detour!

Jayne-I don't like pansies because you have to constantly pick off the old flowers-then the foliage becomes overgrown.