Saturday, April 21, 2007

I have seen reports of Pine and Palm Warblers in Connecticut over the last week. I decided to see if I could locate some. -Where would I find a Pine Warbler? -I've got it-PINE TREES!

I took a ride over to Portland Reservoir. It consists of a dam, stream, reservoir(obviously),and a nice little bog-pictured above. There were lots of Tree Swallows flying about(they show beautiful color in bright sunlight), but I was not able to get a close-up picture of them.

I did hear a few Pine Warblers high up in the trees (kind of a mechanical trill call similar to a chipping sparrow). It took plenty of effort just to get a good look at them in the binoculars, getting a picture was out of the question. What I did get is a case of warbler neck from looking up.

Here is a picture of a Palm Warbler taken in the low brush near the reservoir. It's a bit fuzzy but good enough to see the field marks. Note the rufous crown and breast streaks on this adult breeding warbler.
I also saw this butterfly. Anyone care to i.d. this for me?


Cathy said...

Larry - I think I found your butterfly in the 'Whats That Bug' butterfly gallery. It's an Angel Wing. Cool.

I sure identify with your 'warbler's neck' - I haven't started serious warblering yet this year, but my 60 year old neck is already complaining and I'm trying to ignore it :0)

Larry said...

_Great-I'll have to add what's that bug to my favorites.

Ruth said...

I thought Palm Warbler was a typo! and then I found it in Birds of Ontario. I have never heard of it. Learned something new. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have not seen any palm warblers yet but they should be around soon! Our Pine warblers have been here for a few weeks now! Your butterfly looks like a Compton Tortoiseshell!