Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Since I posted a picture of a Northern Flicker the other day, I might as well follow up with these pictures of his cousin-The Red-bellied Woodpecker. Besides the woodpeckers, I am seeing a good number of American Goldfinches, House Finches, Black-capped Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Grackles, and Red-winged Blackbirds.

Here's a brief summary of other birds I've been seeing around Portland:
  • I took a short walk along the Portland Riverfront Trail tonight. I counted 16 Gray Catbirds, 12 Yellow Warblers, and 8 Northern Cardinals. Other birds in the area included nesting Baltimore Orioles, Indigo Bunting, Common Yellowthroat, Carolina Wren, House Wren, Brown Thrasher, American Redstart, American Robins, Wood Thrush, Eastern Towhee, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, and Tufted Titmouse. I didn't make it very far without bug repellent.-too many mosquitoes.
  • Joanne L. sent me an e-mail about the summer breeding bird cencus count. She mentioned that she had 3 pairs of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in her yard.-if you're reading this-please send me some pictures Joanne.
  • There are still good numbers of Swallows, orioles, vireos, Tanagers ,Red-breasted Nuthatch, and warblers (including Chestnut-sided and Prairie Warbler) at the reservoir. I had my best luck walking the trail that goes past the dam.


Ruth said...

I have never seen a red-bellied and like your pics very much. I would have called it a red-head though! Need to work on my woodpecker IDs.

Betsy True said...

Ruth--the name redheaded goes to a woopecker whose whole head is pretty red; the red-bellied actually has a reddish blush on his belly; unfortunately not easily seen, except, apparently, by ornithologists. Red-bellies are one of my favorite woodpeckers, they have a neat rolling burble for a call. Nice picture, Vern.

Larry said...

Guys like Audubon used to shoot the birds to get a look at them.-They probably noticed close-up details because they were holding the birds in their hands.