Saturday, March 31, 2007

Guiffrida Park In Meriden Connecticut

I didn't have much time for birding this morning. I decided to choose a spot that would be close to where I was having my truck serviced. The Place I chose, was Guiffrida Park in Meriden Connecticut. There was no problem with dogs today, as I posted below after a previous visit.
I saw several kids with their families, learning about nature. One mom was leading her son through the woods while puffing away on a cigarette. Another family seemed to be on some sort of scavenger hunt.

I took a short walk along a row of pine trees. I enjoyed a great view of some
Golden-Crowned Kinglets. The golden crowns were showing beautifully on this sunny day. When I tried to get a picture of them, all I captured was pine trees. The way they were moving around, they looked like they had more caffeine in them than I did.

I also saw plenty of Turkey Vultures moving about, taking advantage of the updraft from the ledges.

It certainly was a beautiful day today with sunshine and a light breeze. It probably hit about 60 degrees in the afternoon. I also finally figured out that you can drag and drop photos where you want them.-What a genius I am!

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Ruth said...

I saw a group of golden crowned kinglets for the first time today. I would never have identified them without my camera as they were as hyperactive as you indicated.