Thursday, January 17, 2008

Looking Back on 2007

It would be very difficult to for me to choose my five favorite birding experiences of 2007, therefore, I will choose the first five that come to mind. I put them in chronological order.

1) Spring Migration 2007: This time of year is overwhelming. There are migrant birding opportunities and migrant species everywhere you look. The Eastern Kingbird is just one small reminder of spring migration. I saw this particular bird at Machimoudus Park in East Haddam. Here is a post of my first birding memory of spring migration in 2007.
2) Pittsburg, New Hampshire: I don't do much traveling but I have gone on a spring fishing trip just about every year for the last 30 years. In 2007, I made sure that I chose a location that was not only good for fishing but also good for birding. Pittsburg offers an opportunity to see lots of great birds, including boreal species. One of the highlights of my trip was definitely seeing my first Gray Jay. Here are three posts about my trip to New Hampshire: Part-1 , Part-2 , and Part-3.

3) Favorite Rare Bird: Over the past couple of years, I've sought out some birds that were reported on the rare bird report for CT. This year, my favorite example of this, was seeing a Harris's Sparrow for the first time. The drive to Wilton, CT was inconvenient, to say the least, but in the end the trip was worth the effort.

4) Irruptive Winter Finches: Most of you who are interested in birding probably heard about the irruptive winter finch report for 2007-2008. I was excited when I finally had some success in seeing some of these promised species. My first breakthrough came when I saw a large flock of Red Crossbills at Hammonasset Park in Madison, CT. A few weeks later after that, I was able to locate Pine Grosbeaks feeding on crabapples in Norfolk, CT.
5) Thoughts: Out of all the posts that I did in 2007, I probably had the most positive feedback response from the ones labeled "thoughts". I'd like to do more posts like this but I can't really plan those types of moment, they just happen. The year 2007 was truly a year of many great birding memories for me. I hope 2008 will also be a great year of birding for me and for all of you as well!


Anonymous said...

Larry, some great birding moments and memories in 2007! My "thoughts" are that you will have many more in 2008! Keep on posting. Bird On!

RuthieJ said...

That was a good post Larry. Thanks for sharing all your birds and thoughts with us and I'm looking forward to your stories and pictures in 2008 too. said...

Great posts, every one! I love reading what other birders are up to, especially so far away. Keep posting and we'll eagerly keep reading!

Good birding to you always!

Mary said...

Larry, you had a fantastic year and I'm glad you share it with us. Seems lifers pop up all around you! I do enjoy your "thoughts" posts but all of them are entertaining!

Jayne said...

A lovely collection of "favorites" Larry. :c)

Ruth said...

You worked hard for your results and it shows. Your pictures are very good. I have yet to see a Crossbill.

Beth said...

I really enjoyed this post and the links to earlier entries. I'm new to the blogging world and am enjoying the opportunity to learn from these sites.

Larry said...

Pa Birder,ruthiej,birdfreak,Mary,
Jayne,Ruth, and beth-I'm going to take the easy way out this time-thanks to all of you for taking the time to read my posts-I really appreciate it and look forward to the year ahead!

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

The 07-08 Winter Finch Irruption is something really special, isn't it?

Nervous Birds said...

Sounds like a fantastic year. Hopefully 2008 will be even better.

We are still waiting for our GROSBEAKS! Please send them... UPS, Fed Ex, whatever. We'll take 'em.